4 Courier Services Trends that are Going to Rule in 2020

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4 Courier Services Trends that are Going to Rule in 2020


This article is going to summarize the key trends that are gradually influencing the courier services industry and will rule in the coming year.

Courier and package deliveries are immensely helping people, businesses and other organizations in speedy delivery of the essential products, documents pallets delivery or other materials. Being one of the customer-centric industries, it consistently witnesses the emergence of new technologies, new processes, and ideas that will enhance customer satisfaction. While there’s no stopping to the progress of technologies and trailblazing methods for deliveries, courier services agencies are seeing an overwhelming rise in the demand for parcels or product delivery. From businesses to individual customers, they are assisting all to deport their essentials to the desired destination in a hassle-free and cost-effective manner. To let you know further about the recent trends that are transforming the courier industry, here we have mentioned them in the next section.

Mobile scheduling or online pickup scheduling

The biggest development that is lately observed in the courier services industry is the system of online booking through their functional websites which helped customers or businesses to quickly or instantly request orders without even physically interacting with an executive of the company. The best thing about the online booking process is that the ones availing the services can book for the service by mentioning everything, from date, time of pick up to delivery destinations, products, type of products to quantity or weight. Accordingly, the service providers offer rates for deporting the products.

Same-day or short time deliveries

Apart from the usual services of delivery, these days most courier companies are providing same-day or two-day deliveries to customers who are in dire need. With some extra levy of charges, they are offering such on-demand courier services just to make businesses or customers more reliable on them. It is highly helping them to grow their customer base, raise income and become competitive than the traditional service providers.

Focusing on real-time visibility by tracking

While earlier, no customers could actually know where their parcels are, whether they are deported and when are they going to receive it, modern courier agencies free them of all the anxieties with real-time visibility of their services. It means the customers can log in to the website or application with their unique ID and then get the details of their order delivery in real-time. They can track the current status of the parcel, where it is on the deport, who will be transferring it and how long it will take to reach the destination. Thanks to GPS technology, this made such a remarkable development possible making customers happier and relaxed whenever an important product is going to be shipped.

Focus on the automation

More and more delivery executives are tirelessly working to get every product delivered at the sharpest time to keep customers happy. However, they can be a little bit lenient now towards their duty because of new technologies that resulted in the automation of the delivery services. What is it called? It’s the drone system. They are tiny sized devices that can carry small lightweight products on the air and are operated remotely with a smart device. Slowly but steadily more businesses dealing with light materials are adopting drone mechanisms including e-commerce.

These persuasive trends are not only being observed this year but they are going to be ingrained in the industry in the next year or coming days. So, the agencies which are a part of this high-demanding industry but fail to get equipped with these latest revolutions are going to lose their market share.

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